This may have been around for a while but this is the first ive heard of this proposal.  A 635ft Observation wheel on the north shore of Staten Island?!!  FUCK YES!!  It would own the best view of the harbor bar none!.  Being located right next to the St George Terminal guarantees it public transit and being next to the minor league baseball stadium means parking on non game days.  It gives Staten Island its own iconic landmark that it hasn’t had like Queen’s unisphere or Brooklyn’s Parachute drop tower.  THIS IS A GREAT IDEA

Please make this happen!!

So apparently this plan got approved pre-Sandy.  I dont know its fate in a post Sandy world on Staten Island but this kind of tourism money in staten island can only be beneficial!  

this is hardly the first plan for an observation tower in the NYC area.  there have been plans for Governors Island, Meadowlands, Hunters Point Queens.  But this is by far the best location.  BRAVO

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